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All About Harriet


Dr. Harriet Earle (Hattie) is a senior lecturer in English at Sheffield Hallam University. She is the author of Comics: An Introduction (Routledge, 2020). Her first monograph – Comics, Trauma, and the New Art of War – was published in July 2017 by the University Press of Mississippi. 


Her research interests include American comics and popular culture, representations of violence, protest narratives, and biopolitics. She has published extensively across the field of comics and popular culture studies. 


When not working, Hattie loves to sing, cross stitch, watch trashy tv, and drink coffee.



How do comics represent trauma and so what?


War Comics

How are comics telling war stories? What kinds of stories and why not others?



How do comics represent trauma and so what?


Serial Killers

How do comics tell stories about serial killers?


The Vietnam War

The images and image narratives of 'Nam

USA Flag


What does it mean for something to be 'American'?

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